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¡Hola, amigos! Como práctica de inglés he diseñado una WEBQUEST. Para que sea más entretenido he aprovechado como tema el Descubrimiento de América. creo que puede resultar interesante. Por supuesto está toda la webquest en el idioma de Shakespeare. ¿Alguien se anima a visitarla?
Recomiendo no usar el traductor: lo he probado y la versión que da se parece muy poco a lo que yo he escrito; te quedará mejor si lo traduces tú mismo.



A big advance in the navegation of the XVth century was produced by the Spanish and Portuguese navigators; the Portuguese sailors travelling all African continent and the Spanish sailors discovering America and sailing towards the west.
A collection of economic, social, cultural and politic factors made possible the discoverys.
The importance of the spices was transcendental in the process of discovery and conquest of America.
Europe needed the spices from Asia because they couldn’t be grown here. They were used at the chemist industry and to season the meat.
Portuguese and Spanish sailors looked for other alternative routes in order to avoid the traditional routes checked by Turkish.
His ship is the essential tool of the discoverer. The Caravel (The naves Niña and Pinta were caravels), and to a lesser extent, the nao (The Santa María was a nao) were the kind of ships used to venture into the unknown of the Atlantic Ocean. The progressive improvement of the Caravel in the fifteenth century is only a factor in this complexity. This boat is a symbol of the Iberian maritime expansion, firstly, with the European general, later.
On summer, 1492, Columbus was discouraged because he didn’t find any crew. Frier Juan Perez, guardian of La Rapida Monastery presented  him Martin Alonso Pinzon; Cristopher convinced him and his brothers Vicente Yañez Pinzon and Francisco Martin Pinzon; with his help he completed the crew of the three naves.
Once America was discovered, Portugal and Spain tried to legalize their laws about the conquered lands.
The disputes were solved by the “Tratado de Tordesillas” wich stablished the corresponding legal limits between the two nations.

Of course, the discoveries make as result the exchange of things or animals unknow in one or other continent. F, e,: 
  • The pig or the horse were unknow at America
  • Potatoes, tomatos, cacao, tobacco were unknow in Europe

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